We can all learn to help with dementia care

Dementia is one of the biggest health issues and challenges facing this country.

Last year’s estimates of people living with dementia in the UK put the number at 850,000.

It is mostly, but not exclusively, older people who are affected by dementia.

It is an extremely distressing condition, both for those diagnosed with dementia and those family members or friends caring for their loved ones and helping them to come to terms with what is happening in their lives.

Sadly, it is not something that can be reversed, although there are steps that can be taken to slow down the process.

However, like most people, I am no expert in what can be done to help people with dementia.

One thing we can all do to change that, however, is to become a Dementia Friend.

This is what we are doing in my constituency office this week by undergoing a short training session to learn more about dementia, and perhaps understand a little more about what it means to live with the condition.

It may seem a small step to take, but people can live well with dementia, given the right support and care.

I would hope that local businesses, organisations or individuals reading this column would also consider becoming Dementia Friends.

Much more information about what this entails can be found by searching the internet for Dementia Friends.