We complain but nothing is done

WITH regards to the article on Hodgsons Road estate, Blyth, (News Post Leader, August 18), I moved in to Chestnut Avenue in December 2005 with a promise of a new kitchen and bathroom, being told the reason they were being left as they were was for this very reason.

Now the bathroom has an ill-fitting sink and bath, a toilet that you have to constantly buy replacement seats for because the new seats (even ones the council fit) don’t fit correctly and end up snapping.

Also an old gentleman who lived in the property previously had a shower fitted and the council had tiled two half walls and a full wall, then the couple who lived in the property before me had painted the tiles, and now the paint is coming off and the tiles are coming away from the walls.

I had the council out and was told they do not tile the whole wall.

According to the article, Homes for Northumberland stated: “We are required to make the property habitable for new tenants to move in, to a standard set by our tenants”.

If that is the case, why was the shower not removed and the tiles taken off the walls and the walls re-plastered?

The answer is they are doing no major repairs because they are awaiting funding from the government.

As for saying there is a standard set by tenants – they are actually standards set by the council, the tenants have no say.

As for the tenants keeping the homes in good condition, well I am sorry, some us would like to but you apply to make improvements you get the permission then yes you can make the improvement, you can keep the decoration in good order as in clean and tidy, and repair the cracks in the walls.

But 99 per cent of these homes would have to be fully re-plastered to repair most of the cracks, and that is the landlord’s problem, not ours.

I pay full housing rent – £54 a week – which I and most paying tenants in this estate feel is overpriced for the fact we don’t have the same upgraded homes as most of Blyth.

All the council housing estates have had new kitchens and bathrooms, all new windows (double glazed), new roof and they are now fitting new wiring. But again, Chestnut Avenue has not had any of this.

The council did send out a paint crew to paint the outside of the houses and joining fences.

That was a disaster, the workmen were shoddy and spilt a lot of the paint on the actual properties and the surrounding areas, after the painting had taken place the letters were sent out to state they were coming to do the job, so now most of my windows are painted shut and can’t be opened.

My actual windows that were not replaced are drafty and let the cold in, especially in the winter.

My heating bill goes through the roof, and the condensation is a big issue for all the properties that have not got some windows double glazed.

I complained to the council who fitted a dry master in my loft and it has done absolutely nothing to alleviate the issue, apart from blow all the dust from the loft through my property.

I can’t even shut the thing off as they have wired it to the main electrics with no cut off switch.

Unfortunately we can all complain until we are blue in the face but absolutely nothing is going to happen.