We deserve far better

An anonymous letter I read criticised a councillor in Cramlington for fighting to keep a Morrisons store from closure in his patch (News Post Leader, February 26).

Rather than criticising someone for trying to ensure their town thrives, maybe we should be asking councillors in Bedlington what they are going to do to try and stop the decline of the town.

Ashington is set to get a multi-million pound redevelopment whilst in Bedlington in 2011 the county council sold a huge area of land to Tesco (which is now closing) for £1m without any buy back clauses or guarantees of development work proceeding.

Northumberland County Council has just passed its budget for the next two years with little if anything in it for Bedlington other than two significant rises in council tax.

Bedlington deserves better than the status quo. We can only hope that councillors are listening.

Richard Wearmouth

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