We have had enough cuts

Please Northumberland County Council leave us alone.

Over the years we have had cutbacks and changes, and not always for the good.

We get a new team in at the helm of the council, which everyone thought great, but although slower it’s still there, cutbacks to services.

We have had cuts in special needs education, changes in benefits, now they are looking at our transport across the board, school and personal.

Do any of them have any idea what effect this has and the impact on our young people and their families?

People who for no reasons of their own who are alone and prisoners are, if you take away the transport, true isolated prisoners.

How do you expect young people to travel to colleges which are out of the county as the ones in the county don’t meet the requirements of the child due to cutbacks?

When you have someone who is special needs your world is very different.

Please don’t change the travel, some of our young people will not be able to cope and the impact on family life will be huge.

I would have to give up my job so I can take my son to college, so you may save money on transport, but you’ll have another person out of work in Northumberland who has to be paid for.

To others reading this it may make no sense but to the parents who this will effect, when you get your letter for consultation please fill it in and say ‘we need our transport’.

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