We need to be realistic with office developments in Blyth

Along with the correspondent from Doncaster, an ex-Blyth resident, I was amazed to read that a company wanted to develop new buildings that would be beneficial to Blyth and attract others to the town (News Post Leader, September 19).

Perhaps before allowing another white elephant to be developed they should look at the boarded up and derelict properties that blight our town.

Surely our local officials are not so myopic that they miss the old Co-op building, the Steamboat, a supposed hostel, I believe, or other buildings that lie empty and could be developed.

Perhaps if town and county councillors asked the people who put them in office what they would like to see, that would be a start, however, I suspect the answers wouldn’t be the ones they want.

Apparently these new developments will bring jobs. We have Narec and how many jobs has that brought to the town? I mean jobs that are being done by local people not outsiders with special skills. How many apprentices has it taken on?

Perhaps my local councillor would like a walk round the town with me and have opportunities pointed out to them before enriching outside companies and building unwanted, unneeded buildings. I suspect they won’t but the offer is there.

This area of the county has one of the highest unemployment percentages and precious few opportunities to get employment.

Allowing companies to develop and introduce high value jobs will not be beneficial to those people who are artisans and not office-based or service workers.

Please think again and look at realistic prospects for growth and jobs.

I Moscrop

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