We need to get business

Having read with interest Peter Watson’s letter (News Post Leader, July 17) proposing a plan for the next five to ten years which can be questioned and debated – it would be a waste of time.

I attended a meeting about eight years ago when we had a town centre manager at which we were shown a plan and drawing of the proposed alteration to the Poundstretcher building.

This was to be discussed and debated, yet nothing done.

I attended a meeting at a local coffee shop called by local businesses and shop traders about three to four years ago at which the council were represented along with market traders and the press. Questions and debated, nothing done.

Questions and debate is a platform for those who just want to hear themselves talk and talk and talk.

Blyth does not have a major problem, the drive into Blyth from Laverick Road is a splendid view of the sand dunes, the beach and promenade is fabulous, the park is beautiful, the marina and harbour a delight, what other town can boast such a variety of treasures.

What Blyth needs, in my opinion, is to employ a salesperson or team to go out to these businesses which we desperately need to bring our town centre to life.

Show the area in all its glory, show the potential and the growing community and convey a sense of confidence that their investment in Blyth with the support of the community is without risk.

We can’t wait for businesses to come to us we have to go and get them. Blyth could and should be premier league

John Wilson