We’re not second class citizens

I AGREE 100 per cent with the correspondent on the lack of disabled parking bays in Cramlington shopping centre (News Post Leader, March 15).

I am also a blue badge holder and frequently find the small number of disabled parking bays are fully utilised.

As the original letter states, on many occasions they are being used by people not entitled to the facility and other thoughtless motorists.

It is common to find the large 4x4 cars and trade vans using these spaces, simply because the drivers are too lazy to walk the extra few yards, giving no thought to those whose walking capability is limited, or those who require a wheelchair for mobility.

I believe better policing of the car park should be taking place.

I used to collect car numbers in a little note book as a child, but for much different reasons.

They are ensuring that on expiry of the four-hour curfew they issue tickets for overstaying your welcome.

A disabled motorist (especially a lady), is easy prey, compared to an aggressive male van driver, who does not give a thought for anyone but himself.

I too am concerned at what happens to the car parking facilities in the future when further developments, including a cinema, take place.

Each time Manor Walks has been extended, the car parking availability has reduced.

I wrote to the planning department expressing concern that if you want to attract people into Cramlington then you have to give them somewhere to park to enjoy the facilities, and not have to carry a four-hour timer, if and when you find a space.

That applies more so to the provision of sufficient spaces for disabled drivers as well.

After all we are not second class citizens simply because of a disability.


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