We should look after people here

THERE’S a lot of talk about the current financial crisis and the subsequent recession.

In former mining towns like Ashington we’ve had a recession for more than 20 years.

Ever since hundreds of jobs in mining and its associated industries were lost.

Of course new jobs have come to the town, but these are relatively few in number and usually of the minimum wage variety.

The biggest employers now in the area are the local councils and the NHS, both of which, however, may have to axe jobs due to draconian government economies.

But all is not lost, the prime minister has assured us that the private sector will make up the shortfall of jobs lost in the public sector.

I must say I find Mr Cameron’s assertions somewhat paradoxical, when private sector company Rio Tinto Alcan is poised to axe several hundred jobs.

This is an unmitigated disaster for south east Northumberland, and Ashington district, an area already chronically blighted by higher than average unemployment.

I make no apologies for being nationalistic, I believe that the £50m a day syphoned off to the EEC would be better invested in new jobs here.

We have hitherto also bailed out the euro with £12bn of British tax payers’ money, this when Britain isn’t even committed to it.

These sums of cash going out of our economy are a disgrace.

Only a few years ago Ellington Colliery and Swan Hunter shipyard were allowed to close because loans of around £2m each were not forthcoming – paltry sums in comparison.

If we can still afford to splash billions of pounds around despite recession, we should be looking after people here.