We will not go quietly

In response to the letter from Mr Tyler (News Post Leader, April 30), yes, we hear Bedlington has a town plan.

But, does the correspondent know why it took two years for the proposed Tesco development to be agreed, by which time Tesco decided not to go ahead?

Do they know why Ashington has had three town centre revamps whilst Bedlington town centre had to wait for Heritage Lottery Funding for the one and only revamp which did nothing to enhance the shopping experience due to lack of front street parking, youths playing football etc?

And does he know why Bedlington has not got leisure facilities?

Actually, the reason for the latter I do know, having spoken to a member of the then Wansbeck District Council who explained that the people of Bedlington did not want a swimming pool and, when questioned further, clarified this by saying a third of people questioned regarding this issue were from Ashington, a third from Newbiggin and the remaining third from Bedlington.

Tesco’s closure is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We have only a handful of small shops in Front Street because the rates are so high.

We have limited shopping in Front Street because there are too few parking spaces and people are inherently lazy and will not walk from rear street car parks.

Disabled people cannot shop from Front Street because of limited parking spaces.

It is ironic that with the closure of Tesco, a traffic warden has been seen on several occasions in one week, though the indiscriminate and downright dangerous parking on zig zags and indeed on the crossings continues unabated.

Bedlington is not in decline. That happened when it lost its own borough council. Bedlington is all but dead.

Make a Noise for Bedlington may have come too late but we will not go down quietly, and if this could result in the raising of Lazarus, then let’s shout loud.

Elizabeth Thornton