Well done to everyone for exam success

The anxious wait for their A-level and GSCE results is over for hundreds of our local students – and haven’t they done well!

 Excellent results were announced by all three of the senior schools in my Wansbeck constituency, and it was particularly pleasing to see those schools that were hit hard by criticism from Ofsted earlier this year, responding in the best possible way.

 So many youngsters who have achieved so many passes will now either be going on to universities or colleges of further education, or, in the case of the younger age group, into their sixth forms to continue their studies.

 Some, on the other hand, will be taking their first steps into the world of work through apprenticeships or training schemes, and whichever path they have chosen, we congratulate them and wish them well.

 Of course, on the other side of the coin, there will have been some disappointments and for those students who did not quite achieve what they may have been hoping for, it is important to remember that setbacks such as this are not the end of the world and there will be other opportunities and openings for them.

 While most of the praise for excellent results must go to the students, let us not forget their teachers who will be just as delighted with the results, and, of course, their parents who will have given their youngsters all the encouragement and support they need at home.

wIt really is a case of well done all round!