Well done to the academy

I would like to publicly salute Blyth Academy for its splendid efforts to create a dementia-friendly school (News Post Leader, July 17).

The report on the work Blyth Academy principal Alison Jobling and her team are doing will have been music to the ears of every one of your readers with a personal connection to dementia.

Staff, students and parents have responded extremely enthusiastically to their rallying call to help people with dementia as well as their loved ones and their carers and have already made sure we have taken a step forward in our fight against the devastating disease which affects thousands of families across Northumberland.

The Alzheimer’s Society is ploughing millions of pounds into research so that one day we will find a cure but while the scientists are pushing boundaries in their laboratories at, for example, Newcastle University, it is vital that we make sure the environment is better for people with dementia.

Clearly that is what Blyth Academy are already doing and their greater understanding of what it means to have dementia bodes well for the future for people with the condition in the town so they can live well within their communities.

Of course, there is plenty of work still to be done and there will be plenty of activities emerging at Blyth Academy in the future but having visited the school just before the end of term I am certain progress will be rapid.

Rob Stewart

Communications and Media Officer

Alzheimer’s Society

Newcastle upon Tyne