What about the positive reports?

I FEEL sympathy for the staff and pupils at Blyth Community College.

The article in the News Post Leader and comment from MP Ronnie Campbell about the Ofsted inspection were negative. What about some positive reports.

Not all the pupils have special needs or free school meals or let these factors effect their work. Lots work hard and achieve high standards and good results in both academic and non academic subjects.

The staff and pupils work hard within the Blyth partnership of schools to make transition between the schools easier.

How often is Mr Ronnie Campbell involved in making sure our Northumberland state schools get the best funding? He should pull his socks up and work harder to stop government cuts in education.

The private sector is moving in with super rich funding to some schools making the gap in funding and resources wider.

All our children deserve the same and schools should work together to achieve this.

Hopefully with support from government, county, parents and pupils things will improve.

Best wishes to staff and pupils.