What is left for energy?

It appears that we may be headed for an energy crisis this winter.

The news is that the risk of blackouts is at its highest level for six years as energy reserves (the difference between peak demand and generating capacity) are forecast to fall to around 4.5 per cent this winter.

This all seems to confirm the letters we have been reading in the News Post Leader over the last few weeks, and is probably why we have been warned of huge jumps in energy bills to come.

Where do we go from here?

Wind power cannot fill the shortfall, and neither can gas, we seem to be running out of that too if reports can be believed.

Solar power? I think not.

Nuclear power stations? In my opinion we shouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, in any case they take years to build and commission which doesn’t help in the short term.

What’s left? Coal? But “coal is dead” and “nobody wants coal any more”.

I think this is where we came in.

David Cowton