What is point of building more houses?

I refer to the article ‘Consultation over proposals for new homes’ (News Post Leader, October 17).

I hope Coun Hepple is referring to rural Northumberland for his proposed building works and not small villages and towns.

In Seaton Delaval we have recently lost our council offices. A main road building has been converted as parish council business only so all the main queries have to be carried out in a very small space in our local school library.

He may be considering the small amount of green land we have in this area.

I would like to know what happened to safe outdoor places for children to play, or indeed wildlife conservation areas? Will there be more treeless areas?

There has been much building in the area and many of the houses stand empty. What is the point of building more houses, unless of course it will enhance the remit of councillors.

P Elsender

Seaton Delaval