Where is the relief road?

Am I the only one living in Blyth to have noticed the sudden upsurge in houses being built for the private market in and around the town?

I am not talking of ten or 20, but hundreds.

It is all well and good, but there appears to be no new schools, doctors’ surgeries or roads being built to deal with the sudden influx in the area, in fact they closed one middle school and sold the land to private developers.

Let us be straight, there are only three roads in and out of Blyth and they are clogged most days, so will they be able to deal with extra commuters?

There has been a new relief road planned for ten years. Has the time not come for it to built?

The schools are full and at breaking point, will they be able to take new pupils, especially around the South Beach area?

Doctors, not so long ago you only had to wait one or two days for an appointment, now it is one or two weeks, and with even more persons coming to the area its only going to get worse.

The police, fire and ambulance staff have not been increased, so their answer times will suffer.

Should anybody see the planning committee and ask any if any of them are living in Blyth, there none on that committee.

Do you know what is happening in Blyth and what are you doing to fix it?

J Butler