Whisky Trail is well worth a visit

Interesting letter from Lionel Knighting (News Post Leader, May 15) regarding the resurgence of the distillation of whisky from the Coquet Valley.

It would take an extremely dedicated team and much finance to make this enterprising venture worthwhile.

His description of ‘wonderful English whisky’, along with Welsh whisky, is open to interpretation.

I sampled Welsh whisky whilst on holiday in Abergavenny many years ago, and was given as a Christmas present a bottle of English whisky three years go.

As a dedicated drinker of Uisge Beatha, I would say to Lionel, each to their own but if you want to taste a really wonderful range of whisky’s, take a few days and travel the Whisky Trail on Speyside, dropping in to many of the distilleries to taste the different subtle whisky they have on offer.

Ken Pattie