Who decided on route of torch?

I BELIEVE the Olympics in the UK and the torch through Northumberland and the north east is brilliant.

And I am sure residents and visitors in Morpeth, Ashington, Newbiggin, Bedlington and all the places the torch has visited have enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am so pleased with the coverage by TV and you the local press because unfortunately it has been nowhere near where I both work and live.

Who deprived so many people in the Bedlington Station and Cambois neighbourhood that opportunity?

I know as a representative of that area I was not consulted or asked any opinion at any time, and I have never met anyone who was asked either.

I do not in anyway want to take away the pleasure of so many people who did get to see it, but so many people in the area I live were not even given the chance and that is really disappointing.

I am so sorry about that and I think the decision makers did get it wrong when it came to us.


East Sleekburn