Why cut trees down?

I have been a resident of Bedlington for the last 27 years and visitors have always commented upon the lovely trees, both on the approach to Bedlington and on my street.

They can’t do this any longer since many mature trees have been felled and ugly stumps have been left in their place.

On May 1 I wrote to both Bedlington Parish Council and Northumberland County Council asking for the reasons behind this action and, when the trees would be replaced.

Although I have received an acknowledgement of the receipt of my correspondence from Northumberland, to date, neither of these bodies has actually replied.

Also of concern should be the state of Bedlington Market Place.

Do the residents have to wait until Tesco deign to dip into its vast profits before the area is actually developed in accordance with the local plans, published at least three years ago, or will these authorities actually represent the tax payers to try to compel some action?

I for one had to go to Morpeth just to buy a clothes line since the small goods shop which used to trade as ‘Fancy That’ or ‘Spend and Save’ was bought out and has since remained empty.

I would like to know who gives approval for all of the ‘salons’ which are proliferating?

We should have the best groomed population in the north as they are the only businesses which seem to be opening.

It’s time our representatives worked to enhance our area, not let in slide into urban degeneration, and have the common manners to reply to correspondence.

Name and address supplied