Why do walkers use cycle paths?

I WRITE in reference to the letter regarding cyclists on the road (News Post Leader, July 5).

Whilst I can’t speak for all cyclists, I understand the frustration at cyclists using the road, but if you could tell me why pedestrians insist on using cycle paths I would be very grateful.

I am a keen cyclist and try to avoid riding on the road if I can, however, nearly every journey I take on my bike I have to avoid, children, teenagers, mothers with buggies, dog walkers, runners ... the list goes on.

On one occasion I was confronted by a pedestrian whom I had narrowly missed after she crossed in front of me from the pedestrian walk way on to the cycle track, and this was in an area where the cycle track was completely separate from the pedestrian walkway.

I was then accused of using the wrong path and being highly inconsiderate when if the woman in question had looked at her feet she would have seen a rather large white bicycle symbol painted on the path, which I believe is universal for cycle track, but do correct me if I’m wrong.

I can understand why motorists become frustrated, I myself get annoyed at times, especially when some cyclists are inconsiderate, however, from a cyclist’s point of view, I can also understand why people would rather take their chances on the road than risk running over someone’s child or pet.

Does this mean that pedestrians should be fined for walking on a cycle path when a pedestrian walkway is available?