Why I'm happy to stick with leader Jeremy

Let's come clean here '“ last week's '˜Super Thursday' elections were disappointing for Labour.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 4:01 pm
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture by Peter Powell/PA Wire.

In the council contests across the country our vote share was down about six per cent on average on 2012, the last time those seats were up for grabs.

We can take some comfort in the fact that we were up by about four per cent on the general election in key wards, with the Tories down by a similar amount.

However, given the record of the divided Tory government, we should have snatched hundreds of seats at this point in the electoral cycle.

And being kicked into third place in Scotland is a disaster.

The lesson for Labour is that when we are disunited and restless, it is a gift to the Tories and their cronies.

Many people are now saying that we need another city slicker like Tony Blair as leader. Maybe they are right. Maybe that is what voters want. I am not one of those folk, however.

We have in Jeremy Corbyn a man of principle and, in time, more people will recognise that.

He is not a smooth performer most comfortable in TV studios, but I think folk are sick of shallow PR politics.

His track record in standing up for the vulnerable, the poor, the ill and the elderly is second to none. He has effectively exposed the reality behind Tory cuts to feather-bed the fat cats.

Which is why I am sticking with him.