Why not buy a house?

I’ve been following the progress of Cramlington Town Council’s purchase of the Surveyor’s House with interest.

I own a house in the village and a few years ago I was refused the right to change use to allow it to be used by a small business with four staff and a small number of visitors by appointment on the grounds that it was within the conservation area and would not have sufficient parking for staff and visitors.

I am confused as to how the council has managed to secure this approval for a property in the same area that would surely have the same restrictions.

There is also the question of cost, the council has to move out of Concordia so they chose to look into buying an expensive property in the town to act as offices for four staff (no public meetings).

As someone who has suffered a 156 per cent increase in town council tax this year, I can’t understand why, if they are so adamant in buying and converting a house, they have not purchased one of the many two and three-bedroom properties available near the town centre for circa £60,000?

I have no political affiliation, any trust I had in the political parties vanished many years ago, but to read repeatedly that any criticism is politically motivated is frankly insulting.

This council wastes money hand over fist, has one rule for me and another for them. Is it ever going to stop?

Paul Naughton