Why pay for more local councillors?

EARLIER in the year I, along with most people paying a high council tax, was shocked to read the amount of salaries (sorry, expenses) being claimed by our local councillors.

Given that some of these high claimants have full-time employment and can only be attending to council work on a part-time basis, claims of £20,000 to £30,000 per year seemed somewhat excessive.

Now I discover on reading my new tax bill that every household in Blyth Valley is being charged £22 for parish councillors.

Presumably the 60 odd councillors that we are already paying for need assistance, so it seems only fair that if they can’t cope they fund these other extra unelected councillors themselves.

What we need to know from Northumberland County Council is why are they being given a remit for parks etc? We pay for that already in our council tax? Why, if we must have parish councils, is it not classed as voluntary community work?

As a lot of people are at last questioning this extra tax, we can only hope our MP is also asking the same questions.