WI has come a long way

The Women’s Institute. The dictionary states an institution is an important organisation such as a university, bank hospital or church.

Here today is our Newbiggin WI marking a centenary along with other groups locally and nationally.

It is like the Canadian women left at home in 1915. The men away fighting they just banded together and became one voice.

Turning into a social media their voice was heard in public and by the politicians, being recognised as the years went on for keeping the family together and improving their well-being and education – by being in the women’s institute.

Here at Newbiggin we have chefs to keep us right with healthy cooking tips, and slides of holidays where people have been and then share it with us.

We go to theatres, the pantomime, have days out and entertaining musical evenings. There are horse racing games, beetle drives and lectures.

Our committees are hard-working, from the chairperson to the auditor.

We do exercise, keep fit, knitting, crochet and, yes, make jam, and we also make chutneys.

It really does fit the description of an important organisation, a place of learning and good balance. It is about viewing the past to see the present and what may be the future.

Schools and universities should add the centenary into their curriculum and learn good old fashioned home economics.

Connie Joan Hovsepian