Wildlife charity working to save seabirds

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A WILDLIFE rescue charity has been inundated with calls to help countless numbers of sick and injured seabirds from the regions beaches, as heavy winds and rough seas batter the coastline.

Blyth Wildlife Rescue have received numerous birds in need of emergency help from right across the region.

The main victims of thie storms are Puffins and Guillemots found weak, starving and unable to fly by caring members of the public.

Charity founder John Anderson said: “Visitors to beaches along the Northumberland coastline have been horrified to see hundreds of Seabirds including Puffins, Guillemots and Razorbills lying dead or dying as a result of the harsh weather conditions.

“The winter months are normally our quieter time of year in comparison with the busier Summer months, but this has been exceptional and we have been working round the clock to ensure we can save as many of the sick and injured birds brought to us.

“It is great to see so many people actively involved in the rescue of these birds, which would otherwise have died like so many others along our beaches.

“We need people’s support now more than ever to ensure we can continue our work.”

To contact Blyth Wildlife Rescue, call 07910 643122 or visit www.b-w-r.org.uk for more information and to make online donations.