Wildlife corridor is a sad loss

WHEN I came to view the house that I subsequently moved into last month, I thought the little green belt, full of bushes and trees along the old railway line adjacent to Malvin’s Road in Blyth, was a delightful asset to the area.

Imagine then my dismay to see in the last few weeks all the bushes and young trees being chopped down to make way, after filling in, for development, including a children’s play area – this last across the busy Malvin’s Road.

Northumberland County Council turned down the request for development, but its decision was overturned, as so often happens, by the Planning Directorate in Bristol.

We need to plant trees not chop them down, and preserve green areas, especially in ever-increasingly built upon urban landscapes.

It saddens me, and I know, many of my new neighbours, to see the little wildlife corridor laid waste.