WILDLIFE: Work is now under way

We are delighted to hear the comments from CJ Hovsepian and the rallying call to improve the wildlife experience of the lagoons at Newbiggin by the Sea (News Post Leader, August 31).

Sunday, 1st October 2017, 6:50 am

Newbiggin is an extraordinary place in terms of its wildlife.

Its location, right on the coast, and with interesting habitats all around the village, is very special.

Many rare birds, some amazing sea mammals – including a huge dolphin group just the other week – and interesting butterflies and plants, are all there.

However, if we want Newbiggin to fulfil its true potential as a site for wildlife, we agree completely that we need a bit of thinking and planning.

The lagoon is absolutely key, but there are other sites that may be linked together.

This would improve an even wider area for local people, and others, to enjoy.

For a couple of years council officials have been making informal contacts with a small group of local people with wildlife expertise to see how things might work.

This has included the possibilities of setting up nature reserves or sites.

This work has developed further just this summer.

We have now set up a group of wildlife experts from Newbiggin and its immediate areas under the name of Natural Newbiggin.

This group is starting to look at the details of possible wildlife planning and sharing them widely across the Newbiggin population.

This is at an early stage and we are starting to develop contacts with a wide range of key people.

Please get in touch with us if you think you can help.

Hector Galley