Wind turbine proposal for allotments

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ALLOTMENT holders in Newbiggin may generate their own energy with a wind turbine.

A scheme for a turbine or solar panels is to be put to members of the allotment association

The town council, meeting at Grace Darling Campus of the Northumberland Academy, gave consent as landowner to the proposal, which would require planning permission.

Coun Michael Boon said the association needed to raise money for water and insurance and also required electricity for security cameras.

A turbine would allow surplus power to be sold to the national grid.

Coun Boon said: “We need security cameras on site. We spent £4,000 on security locks and they have stolen the security locks.”

A 4KW turbine would be ten metres high, no taller than nearby trees, he added.

However, some allotment holders kept pigeons so might oppose the idea.

The town council, which is responsible for the allotments, could contribute around £2,000 to the energy scheme if it goes ahead.