Winning goal for new fitness range

Cricketers Mark Wood, Steve Harmison, Ben Harmison with their Active Northumberland membership cards.
Cricketers Mark Wood, Steve Harmison, Ben Harmison with their Active Northumberland membership cards.

A semi- professional footballer from Northumberland is kicking off a new career with the launch of an online fitness clothing business

Stuart Bramley, who plays for Blyth Spartans, has launched Unique Physique Clothing, to provide fitness wear which can be worn for both training and fashion.

The 24-year-old has launched the business after successfully completing a business studies degree while on a four-year football scholarship in the US.

During his time in America, Stuart worked in his college gym and was completely amazed by how badly people dressed to work-out and recognised a potentially lucrative gap in the market for stylish, yet affordable fitness wear.

On returning to the UK, the footballer had trials for a few top flight clubs but soon decided to give up chasing his football dream and put his business degree to good use instead.

He dug out the rough product sketches he had drawn back in the college gym and decided to turn his vision in to a reality with the launch of UP clothing brand.

Within a fewmonths, Stuart has launched his initial signature UP Clothing menswear range, and is now selling his products all over the globe from his online shop.

Stuart said: “There is definitely a growing market for fitness wear that can be worn whilst training as well as every day. I’ve designed UP Clothing to meet this need and have been totally overwhelmed by the response to date.

“I remember working in the gym and being totally shocked by the state of some people’s training gear – people would often take the scissors to old t shirts to create training vests.

“I looked at what was available and realised that training gear was generally either really expensive or not really fit for purpose, made from cheap synthetic material which isn’t great for exercise.

“I drew a few initial designs but put the sketch pad away for a year or so to concentrate on completing my studies and pursuing a career in football, but in the back of my head the business idea continued to bubble away until I felt a real need to pursue it.

“It’s hard to believe that within a few short months I have taken what was little more than an idea and turned it in to a potentially successful business and brand.

UP Clothing will soon be launching its first womenswear collection.