WOODLAND: Please listen to Joe Public

First it was wind turbines, now it’s solar panels, and I totally agree with DVB of Cramlington, (News Post Leader, July 30) that the systematic destruction of our local woodland does not seem to bother Northumberland County Council.

In fact, it does not seem to listen to Joe Public’s concerns.

I have experienced the same concerns over five acres of woodland that was bulldozed in Bomarsund.

The council allowed this even though it is occupied, or should I say was occupied, by red squirrels. The survey by a wildlife expert deemed that no squirrels lived there, nor were there any drays.

The trees came down and, low and behold, it turns out the survey was flawed, but was anyone fined? Did they put the trees back? No, nothing happened.

Of course there are more suitable places to put this solar farm. Why pick a forest that many people enjoy with their children and dogs? It is a popular spot with many different bird species, red squirrels and deer.

Hopefully someone from the council will read this and realise that people in this area care about their environment, and it will make it think twice about destroying valuable forest in future.

J Scott