Work together to better lives

Over the past 12 months – and indeed since I was elected – I have been to all parts of the constituency and have been truly humbled by the warmth of the welcomes.

It reminds me of how immensely proud I am to represent the area where I have lived all my life and the fantastic people who also live here.

In many ways 2014 was a trying year. There is no doubt that government has made the lives of many people from our area, much worse. However, even against this backdrop of despair there are some terrific stories of community spirit and people banding together to help the less fortunate.

From the foodbanks who give people with no other choice the means to put food on their tables to the charities who help the sick, the disabled, the elderly or the disadvantaged the stories are endless and heart-warming.

But this is what we do in Wansbeck and other areas like ours up and down the country. We have a proud history of standing shoulder to shoulder and working together to improve the lives of all. Of facing down governments intent on destroying our way of life. Long may this continue and thank you to everyone who keeps that tradition alive.

Over the past year my office and I have dealt with thousands of issues and although in a minority we may not achieve the desired outcome, we will always listen and try to help. So if you have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (01670) 852494 or emailing