Workers’ size sees more use training site

A training company is seeing a rise in requests from businesses following an increase in the size of employees.

North Shields-based AIS Training has been inundated with requests from operators and individuals keen to benefit from its training village.

New rules relating to the size of workers travelling offshore via helicopter have been introduced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in response to safety concerns over weight increases.

Offshore personnel have to be measured to demonstrate they can fit through a helicopter window in the event of ditching and, depending on their size, will be allocated particular seats.

AIS is one of the few providers trained to take the measurements required and it has been inundated with requests.

Charlie Guthrie, marketing manager at AIS, said: “These rules are an important safety change for the offshore industry and, although controversial, are being introduced to ensure maximum safety for all workers travelling on helicopters.

“More than 10,000 offshore workers live in the north east and all will be required to have their measurements taken before they fly to an offshore installation.”