Working class excluded by the privileged few

What chance does a bright, working-class youngster from Northumberland have of getting on in life?

A lot less than privileged, ‘polished’ kids, according to a recent report from the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.

It reported that top companies are increasingly drawing from a small pool of graduates from private or selective schools.

The study found that despite attempts to improve social inclusion over the past ten to 15 years, these firms continue to be heavily dominated at entry level by people from privileged backgrounds.

Elite firms are “systematically excluding bright working-class applicants” from their workforce, and to break into top jobs, state school candidates needed higher qualifications than privately educated ones.

Professor Les Ebdon, director of Fair Access to Higher Education, said: “Access to graduate careers should be about your skills and ability to do the job, not about the places you’ve been, the school you went to or the contacts you have.”

He’s quite right. Advances in opportunities for working-class kids stopped when the coalition took power.

And expect worse in the next five years under a purely Tory Government.

What we will see is the privileged few growing up to become the next generation of ‘posh fat cats’ who take all the cream.