World Cup winner raises a cup to Mark’s challenge

World Cup winner Jack Charlton and Lady Elsie in the motor home with Mark 'Run Geordie Run' Allison.
World Cup winner Jack Charlton and Lady Elsie in the motor home with Mark 'Run Geordie Run' Allison.

A World Cup winner has given his backing to an endurance runner’s latest challenge.

Mark ‘Run Geordie Run’ Allison, from Bedlington, is gearing up for the next leg of his Around the World challenge – crossing Europe.

The latest leg will see Mark run 3,400-miles to raise funds for The Children’s Foundation and Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

Thanks to sponsorship from SOS Group Ltd, he now has use of a large motor home for 100 days as they make their way from Lisbon, Portugal, to Istanbul, Turkey.

And Jack Charlton, World Cup winner and Northumberland Tea Ambassador, has ensured Mark and his team have enough tea to keep them refreshed as he crossed 14 counties.

Mark, who has previously run across the USA and Australia, was also joined by Lady Elsie who took the opportunity to inspect the motor home and wish him all the best for his big run.

Mark said: “We’ve been incredibly busy preparing for this run and the Support Team and sponsors have all been magnificent.

“This week in particular’s been hectic and it was a pleasure to take a breather and sit down with Jack and Lady Elsie to talk about the run.

“It was very kind of Jack to drop off a big bag of Northumberland Tea for us. It’s what I drink at home and I know it will take a lot of cups of tea to help me complete this run.”

He added: “Preparation for this run has presented us with a very different set of challenges, not least because the route takes us through 14 different countries.

“The level of detail needed in the planning has been immense and I’m very lucky to have so many dedicated people giving up time to help.

“It’s been a long time in the planning but stocking the motor home this week is making this run seem very real.”

Jack said: “I really want to wish Mark the very best of luck for his run across Europe.

“He’s a good lad and I think what he is doing is incredible. He has my full support and I hope he can stay injury free. It’s going to be hard going.”

Lady Elsie said: “We’re extremely proud of Mark. He puts an amazing amount of effort into fundraising for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children’s Foundation. I don’t know where he finds his energy.

“We’ll all be thinking of him during the run. It’s going to be incredibly hard physically and will take a huge amount of determination too.

“Thankfully, he has a great team around him to help keep him safe and we look forward to welcoming him home in August.”

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