Wrong time to clear woods

I REFER to Julie Scott’s letter (News Post Leader, March 27) regarding the persecution of the red squirrel.

Red squirrels are a protected species and we are exceptionally lucky to have them in our area.

I don’t know who did the survey of these woods, was it someone from the county council?

Perhaps they would like to respond and tell us what they saw and how many residents they spoke to?

I spoke to a resident who feeds the reds in her garden which backs on to the woods, and she has seen a red with its young just recently.

To cut down these trees at this time of the year is really senseless, just as the red squirrels are breeding, and no, they are not ‘quite capable of moving to another area’ at breeding time.

The cutting still continues and it may be necessary that part of the woods needs to be cleared but the breeding season is not the time to clear woods for any creatures who inhabit them.

Anyone qualified enough to carry out a survey should be aware of this.

I cannot believe that an extra five acres of land is needed to store more vehicles, that’s a huge area, but even if the land was needed this is just the wrong time of the year to clear it.

Mrs J Donnelly