Yob behaviour is the real problem

I WOULD like to contribute to the discussion about the new hospital and roundabout planned to be built near Cramlington.

Although I am sure there are many law-abiding individuals from the East Cramlington and surrounding area who have genuine concerns about road safety and noise pollution, I find myself wondering how many anti-social residents have came to the same conclusions.

Interestingly, the use of helicopters is a common worry from what I have read, however, for years, police resources have been depleted from having to search for thugs in the area, using both helicopters and patrol cars; both of which create noise at night, so surely the occasional landing of the former is hardly going to be a problem – they are trying to save lives after all.

Additionally, some people seem to think it is okay to use their car horn excessively to communicate to relatives and associates that they are driving past – day and night.

I should also mention the late-night revellers who rant and shout as they drunkenly make their way home – at least now they will be able to waddle into a hospital after they fall, brawl or walk into a moving vehicle.

A roundabout is necessary to direct traffic efficiently once the hospital is built – I can not see it not going ahead.

I would rather see local people concentrate on ridding the area of yob behaviour than trying in vein to stop something that is advantageous to the area.