Young girl praised for '˜brave' actions during dog attack

A young girl has been praised for her brave actions after a dog attacked children in a play area.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 12:32 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 1:56 pm
Paramedics treat the injured after dog attack in Blyth. Picture by John Tuttiett.

Katie Mitchelson, 11, was playing with friends in the play park next to Burns Avenue, Blyth, when the dog started attacking youngsters.

The dog, a tan-coloured Staffordshire bull terrier, managed to get into the area just before 6.30pm on Wednesday but after initially playing with the children, then started to bit some of them.

A total of 11 children were treated with injuries, with two remaining in the RVI in Newcastle.

During the incident, Katie was able to get an injured seven-year-old out of the park and carried her home.

Katie’s mother Laura Priestner said: “My daughter was there when the dog went on the rampage.

“She managed to remain calm throughout the whole thing and was lucky enough not to be bitten.

“When a little girl was being attacked by the dog, she ran over and grabbed the girl and carried her home.

“She then went back to the park to see if anyone else needed help.

“I thought it was a brave thing to do. She put herself at risk to help others.

“When I went to the scene, other parents there asked if she was my daughter and praised her for being really brave and remaining calm.

“I’m very proud of her.”

Laura added: “We have two dogs ourselves and I’ve always told her not to show dogs any fear. She told me she remembered that and managed to stay calm throughout.

“She didn’t get to sleep until late last night as she wanted to check all her friends were okay.

“She is fine today and went to school.”

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