Youngsters build homes in Romania

A group of students have been challenging the world’s views of Northumberland during a visit to Romania.

Youngsters from Bedlingtonshire Community High School visited Tarlungeni near Brasov to work with the FAST Charity to devise a plan that would improve the lives of the Roma people.

FAST is a Christian charity that helps poor families by building houses, improving living standards, supporting them to develop their village and provide educating for the children.

A group of 11 students who were keen to help build homes e were selected from the high school.

The students ran seven sessions for children in the FAST charity Mission House, built the foundations for a new house, erected the wooden A frame for the same property, insulated then plastered a whole house, built a fence and found time for well-earned relaxation and sightseeing.

Antonia Dixon, Beth Watson, Caitlyn Parker, Casey Common, Chloe Charters, Emily Lawson, Emma Rice, Jenny Brady, Natalie Fitzsimmons, Sophie Patterson and Tara Monaghan, took part in the eight-day trip.

Assistant headteacher Will Close-Ash added: “It was great to see the youth service and the school working together on a project of this size.

“Both being able to produce something bigger together than either could apart.”

Coun Robert Arkless, the Northumberland County Council’s policy board member for children services, said: “This trip was not for the faint-hearted and has changed lives of the students and the people in the Roma village and has left an amazing difference of which they can be proud.”