Youngsters learn about job options

Youngsters who having been learning about jobs at Shotton surface mine.
Youngsters who having been learning about jobs at Shotton surface mine.

Disadvantaged youngsters from south east Northumberland have been learning about jobs at a local surface mine.

The north east arm of employability charity Tomorrow’s People set up a visit to regional employer Banks Mining’s Shotton surface mine near Cramlington for a party of young people from the Ashington, Morpeth and Alnwick areas to enable them to find out more about the people that work there and how they have developed their careers at the site.

The visit formed part of the charity’s ten-week Working It Out programme for unemployed 16 to 24-year-olds, which aims to give participants renewed confidence and motivation, and to prepare them for future work or training opportunities.

It was designed to open up an industry that’s part of the young people’s regional heritage, but about which they might not know very much detail, and to also give them examples of people from their respective home areas who have built successful careers after coming into the business in junior positions.

The party heard presentations on Banks Mining’s operations at Shotton, the work done by the people based there, the ways in which the site is managed and restored, and how Banks works with local communities to ensure tangible benefits result from its presence in the area.

Caroline Rogan, community liaison co-ordinator at Tomorrow’s People, said: “The young people with whom we work often come from very challenging backgrounds in very deprived areas, and they simply haven’t ever had the chance to learn and develop the personal skills and workplace behaviours that most of us take for granted.”

“Being able to speak directly to members of Banks’ Shotton team meant we were able to obtain information and answers that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get,” she added.