Youngsters learn about noise levels

CHILDREN have been shown the damage they can do to their hearing by listening to excessively loud music.

The Year 7 pupils at Blyth’s Bede Academy were given a lesson in the dangers of loud noise as part of Noise Action Week, which took place last week.

Officers from Northumberland County Council’s Public Protection Service met with students to discuss, in particular, the dangers of listening to excessively loud music from MP3 players.

The youngsters learned that some music players have a volume level so loud it is possible to receive a daily noise dose in only three-and-a-half minutes.

They were told that once this level has been exceeded, a person has an increased chance of suffering noise-induced hearing loss, including deafness.

An electronic ear was used to test how harmful the sound levels were after the children were asked to set a an MP3 player to a volume they would normally listen to.

The students also got to experience the problems associated with loud noise that are normally investigated by public protection officers.

A number of noise recordings were played to the year group from actual investigations undertaken by the council, including barking dogs, musical instruments and amplified music.

As part of national Noise Action Week, officers are also visiting a number of licensed premises to provide advice on excessive noise and the impact on local residents.

A number of pubs and clubs have been visited where complaints have previously been received, to give advice.