Youngsters put tops from their pop to good use

St Bede's, Rebecca Lawson and Abby Clark.
St Bede's, Rebecca Lawson and Abby Clark.

A BEDLINGTON primary school has been pulling out all the stops – and bottle tops – to create a work of art.

Pupils at St Bede’s RC Primary School have been busy collecting bottle tops for a month, and funding from Newcastle-based Keyfund enabled them to hire artist Tony Murray to convert them into a burst of colour on a hitherto dull brick wall.

Bedlington social enterprise Leading Link worked with St Bede’s pupils Rebecca Lawson and Abby Clark, pictured, to secure the cash.

Rebecca’s mother Sonya said: “I’m so proud of Rebecca and Abby for their hard work getting the money, creating a design and making the school look better for pupils and visitors alike.”

Headteacher Kate Horn said: “There are plans ahead for the next year to continue this work as the success has been fantastic.”