Youngsters seeing their town bloom

Schoolchildren have been helping to make Bedlington beautiful as part of a national competition.

Charity Leading Link, which has taken up a voluntary role on the Bedlington in Bloom committee, has been working with young people to plant trees, create floral displays and help improve the town’s green areas.

The residents’ committee, working in partnership with West Bedlington Town Council, has been tasked with improving the environment of the town ahead of this year’s Northumbria in Bloom.

And Leading Link has been given the responsibility of generating support from younger generations, including young people from St Benet Biscop High School, as well as pupils from Meadowdale Academy, West End First School and St Bede’s Primary School, who have planted trees in Netherton Lane, Humford Woods and at Atlee Park.

Most recently, they worked with a group of students from West End First School on creating floral displays and hanging baskets to be displayed on the fence that overlooks the main road outside their school.

Whilst resources and tools have been financed by the council, the charity has donated huge amounts of their own staff time during this busy period towards making the initiative work.

Lyn Horton, manager of Leading Link, said: “Bedlington is the area that we mainly operate in, and we take great pride in making sure that it is recognised for the true community spirit that exists here.

“Like the other members of the committee, our role in Bedlington in Bloom is a voluntary one – nobody is receiving any payment for any time dedicated or services delivered.

“We passionately believe that schools and their students should help to make a difference in their area and with their support, we have worked tirelessly over the last couple of months to make sure that happens.

“Bedlington really will bloom this summer.”