Youngsters should tidy rubbish from skate park

I am writing with regards to the skate park in North Seaton.

On Thursday or Friday morning of last week I decided to walk my dog into the football field for a good run around where the skate park is situated.

As the kids are on holiday it was no surprise to see a crowd using the skate park, and obviously enjoying it.

The youngsters have been provided with seating areas and much needed refuse bins.

What was ironic was there was a council worker clearing the rubbish the kids had left around the site (not from the bins themselves) because they obviously don’t realise what these receptacles are provided for.

That same afternoon I returned to the park to find the same amount or more rubbish had been left throughout the day (the time spent in the morning clearing up was a thankless task).

What do we have to do to make the kids realise how lucky they are to have this facility, and what do we have to do to instil a little respect for their surroundings and other people who use this space?

There is a play area within yards of this where families go to entertain their toddlers. Are they to grow up to see this as acceptable?

This rubbish is strewn across the field on a daily basis and is quite depressing.

I would suggest schools get together on a daily basis to take groups of kids down to organise the clearing of the site, except some of these kids actually travel from Blyth, Bedlington, Morpeth and other areas.

Maybe if the local kids were to spend time on a daily basis actually clearing the site it may make them want to keep the site clean and tidy and encourage visitors to do the same.

Maybe there should be wardens to hand out on the spot fines.

The footballers who also use the field constantly leave their rubbish such as empty bottles and the tape they use to keep their socks up.

All I can say is, pull your socks up and take your mess home.

Name and address supplied