Youngsters take part in a series of selfless acts

Canny Crusaders get ready for their selfless acts.
Canny Crusaders get ready for their selfless acts.

More than 150 students have shown their commitment to the community by giving something back and making a difference.

As part of an initiative run by Cramlington Learning Village, the 16 to 18-year-olds took part in a series of selfless acts.

Working in teams, over a period of two weeks the young people have chosen to volunteer at The Bay Foodbank and The People’s Kitchen, spent time in joint projects with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities, arranged activity days for residents in sheltered accommodation, contributed to the Cramlington in Bloom submission, and organised the Northumberland Student Games.

Headteacher Wendy Heslop said: “At Cramlington Learning Village, we are committed to giving our Sixth Form a well-rounded education.

“It’s fantastic that they’ve been able to learn hands on about different groups in their community, and learn new skills themselves while helping others; our students will leave a legacy which we will continue to build on for years to come.”

In the final project, Canny Crusaders took part in gardening, to big clean ups, to completing shopping orders for people unable to go themselves. In the first four days alone students had covered 273.4 miles and completed 83.5 hours of gardening between them.

Pupil Jamie Malone, 17, said: “We have had such a different experience working on this project, we definitely felt apprehensive at the start, but realised that everyone just wanted to enjoy themselves so that soon made us relax.

“This project has given us the opportunity to help others in ways we didn’t know we could, and it has made me feel so determined to continue to do so.”