A1 should have been a priority

I WAS both disappointed and angered to recently read that ministers had not even considered plans to upgrade the A1 to dual carriageway north of Morpeth.

How many more people have to die or suffer serious injury, how much more north east business and industry will be lost, how much longer must the communities along the A68, A696 and A697, suffer unsuitable heavy traffic before government recognises we have a serious transport infrastructure problem?

It seems that regardless of who is in power in Westminster, the north east is a totally forgotten region.

Perhaps we should have more marginal seats? Alternative voting may help.

We all realise in these financially difficult times that a lot of public spending has to be cut back, but the one area that you cannot afford to cut is infrastructure projects, if you are ever to recover from recession. The Great Depression, between the wars proved that.

I hope that Nick Brown, as the former minister for north east, can help keep this issue in prominent focus at Westminster, and that regional political representatives, business leaders, and residents can collaborate in support of the Campaign for Dualling the A1, regardless of political affiliation.

The heavily commuter-used Morpeth to Felton section should receive priority.

It will be poor consolation if the south of England, which seems to benefit from more state spending, per person, and fewer cuts, anyway, comes out of recession, leaving this region a depressed wasteland.

The folk up here deserve better, far better than that. We pay our taxes too.