Are these towns off council radar?

I AM wondering if Ashington has disappeared from Northumberland County Council’s radar?

And does anybody in the council care? I mean really care about Ashington and Newbiggin?

Anybody on a bus going to Ashington bus station, not to mention pedestrians, have an horrendous time in that area, what with the new Asda and the addition of new traffic lights that serve no purpose other than for the store. Who on earth designed such a system? The pedestrian crossings make the shopping experience a depressing dirge.

The snow and ice did not help as there was a ‘lake’ on one side of the crossing where people risk their life to get to the high street and other areas.

The bus stops by Netto are also ridiculous. It is a dismal, barren place, especially when there is wind and rain.

Maybe one day we will all rest easy when the council decides to rename the town ‘Morpethton’.