BEACH: A dog-free area needed

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What a lovely rest we have had along the seafront of Blyth from dogs and those owners who let their animals off the leads to annoy and foul without any remorse, and mostly unaware because they have no control over the dog.

I saw one woman walking seven dogs and when I asked how she was controlling them I was told that it was none of my business, even though I had just witnessed two of them foul without it being picked up, and all being off a lead. This sort of response really does spoil it for the more considerate owners.

With the nights drawing in and the dark being used to cover such anti social behaviour, it must be time that the council and its agents were able to patrol during this early evening time and have the occasional presence.

I will talk about the Bandstand car park in Blyth, but I am sure it happens at the Mermaid car park too.

People park their cars, open their doors and let dogs out to roam free and foul, while the owners are on the phone or sit eating fish and chips.

Only when you hear them calling the dog do you know that they will be leaving the area, and in some cases throwing the fish and chip boxes to the ground, even though there are plenty of bins provided, adding to the dog fouling.

Surely there is a case to have an area along the seafront where a permanent dog exclusion zone could be enforced so that those who just want to sit and enjoy the area without being pestered by dogs and inconsiderate owners could go to, like South and North Tyneside councils, which already have stretches of beaches where dogs are permanently excluded.

Dog fouling and the anti-social behaviour of some of their owners is probably one of the most discussed topics, yet nothing seems to be done about the problem.

The abuse given when you say something has already started, and it is only the first week into October and a few days after the dog ban has been lifted along the beach.

It seems unfair that those without dogs have nowhere to go that is free from this behaviour, but the dog owners have the whole area to do as they please.

Peter Beard

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