BEACH: Can’t wait for dog ban

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Not long now folks before we can enjoy the beach without being pestered by out of control dogs and the continuous echo of their owners telling you that “the dog ban on the beach is only a bye law and can not be enforced“, or claiming “oh sorry, I didn’t know“, even when you have just watched them reading the signs telling them about it.

Hopefully, Northumberland County Council will understand that May 1 until September 30, and the associated ‘No Dogs Allowed On This Beach’ period, is something to look forward to for parents and others who enjoy the beach with their children or friends without being harassed by dogs and their owners.

Will there be a presence of the dog wardens?

Let’s hope we can all look forward to the summer period enjoying the beach without the dog fouling and associated, what is, in fact, anti-social behaviour, which the county council seems to be keen on reducing.

Happy days to come, hopefully.

Peter Beard