BEHAVIOUR: Standards have fallen

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It was good to see a letter regarding the vandalism in Blyth, (News Post Leader, August 10).

It is a shame that thoughtless individuals are causing so much damage to our area.

Some people’s standards are really bad in our modern society. They seem to give no thought to their victims, or the trauma that is caused by these acts.

We have a really lovely park and the beach area is always busy, and it is nice to see people and their families enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately, a mindless few still leave their litter behind and if you say anything about this, all you get is abuse.

The park is always in use at night by people who often leave bottles or cans lying around. I feel sorry for the people who have to clean up after them.

It’s the same in the town centre, where people just drop litter and thousands of cigarette ends. It does make you wonder what they do at home.

It depresses me when I see our town like this.

The other thing that makes me feel depressed is that people cannot seem to communicate unless they are shouting or using foul language, which is bad enough, but some of them have very young children with them. What sort of role model is this?

There is an apparent lack of responsibility, morals and values.

I am 79 years old now and I was brought up to respect people and property, and you abided by the rules of common decency.

You cannot have freedom unless there is discipline, but there are just too many now who will do as they please, regardless of the consequences.

Margaret Robson