BREXIT: Accept the vote result

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I feel I have to respond to recent letters from an outfit calling itself Angels for Europe, which claims it is ‘fighting for democracy’.

I have also had similar correspondence from a constituent from that group.

The issue, of course, is Brexit.

I voted out for a good, old-fashioned reason – that I believe the EU has become a bloated bureaucracy that would try to stymie the socialist agenda of the next Labour government, which will re-nationalise the foreign-owned railways and public utilities, like domestic power and water.

I am told that the so-called Angels do not accept the will of the people last year in the referendum.

They say they believe in democracy, therefore they should accept the EU result.

We now have a prime minister whose government is collapsing around her ears.

We have the EU not wanting to give us a deal. That is not democracy either.

Is it democracy that the unelected commissioners of the EU can order the mass privatisation of Greek assets now being bought up by the Chinese?

And if, heaven help us, we were to stay in the EU, would we see it selling off our assets, such as the NHS and council housing, while demanding more billions of pounds in taxes.

Given that there is a lack of leadership from 10 Downing Street, we now see the Germans are making contingency plans against the collapse of the EU.

That is democracy for them, but not for the rest of Europe.

The only thing the EU has given the UK is globalisation and austerity.

Ronnie Campbell

Blyth Valley MP