BREXIT: Not quite as it seems

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Was anyone else surprised to receive an email from Northumberland Conservatives with the subject heading ‘Northumberland council backs government Brexit policy with cross-party support’?

I thought it was a bit odd that the LibDems would be supporting this.

However, on reading further it turns out to that the heading could be regarded as stretching the truth somewhat.

What has actually happened is that Northumberland County Council has welcomed the government’s proposal to set up a UK Shared Prosperity Fund as a possible source of new funding to replace (some of?) the billions we currently receive from the EU.

Rather than backing the government’s Brexit policy, the council just supported a motion that it should write to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to try to get some answers on how EU funding for Northumberland will be replaced by the government post-Brexit.

It wants the proposed Shared Prosperity Fund’s budget not only to compensate for the loss of EU funding, but to also provide extra money to help with growth and prosperity, to reduce local and regional differences in economic wellbeing, and to give local authorities a strong say in spending priorities.

Well, who wouldn’t back that?

Lynda McKenna